Core Clearing is a revolutionary fast and gentle way to help clients quickly and gently identify and dissolve the subconscious blocks that prevent us from living and enjoying life fully. 

You can use Core Clearing Breathwork to

  • Facilitate healing and empowerment with Breathwork
  • Do Meaningful WorkYou Love. Find fulfillment and self worth helping others to grow
  • Skyrocket Your Personal Growth. Become more loving, whole and alive
  • Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility. Generate a great income, work your hours
  • Make a difference: Bring more love into the world

The Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Certificate Training is in 2 components.

1) The 10 week You Can Change Your Life - Online Small Group Coaching Program - For your own personal development.
In this program you will take your life to a higher level and gain valuable personal experience, from the inside, of the Core Clearing Breathwork Program.
  • Starts: Wednesday February 2nd (repeating for 10 weeks)
2) Core Clearing Breathwork Coaching Skills - Online Training
The Online Certificate Training program consists of includes:
  • 2 Day In person or Online Training (April 9 & 10)
  • 3 Evening Webinar Training Sessions (Thursday: April 13, 20, 27)
  • Core Clearing Breathwork Script
  • Enrolment Session Guidelines
  • Business Building Essentials
  • Heart Centred Community Group Access


You will also receive resources to help you begin creating your Core Clearing Breathwork Business including

  • A client enrolment script
  • 8 Core Clearing Breathwork scripts
  • Full email sequence
  • Business Card and Brochure template
I am looking forward to sharing a rich and rewarding journey with you.
Kind Regards,
Nicholas de Castella
Director, Australian Breathwork College
T: 613 9739 8889
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