A 10 module Tune Up Your Life Coaching Program
With Nicholas de Castella
Begins: 8:00pm Wednesday October 14th
Join us if you would like to...
•           Release stress, anxiety or worry so you can sleep better, be happier and more at peace with life.
•           Increase your energy and vitality. Be fitter, have less pain and feel healthier.
•           Raise confidence and self-esteem. Have more clarity, conviction and be more connected to the love inside your heart.
•           Deepen relationships. Be more present and connected, self-aware, open hearted, kind and compassionate.
•           Set and achieving meaningful (heart aligned) goals with ease and grace.
•           Clear blocks to prosperity and be more open to receive abundance.
•           Heal trauma and past hurts so you can live with more freedom and joy.
•           Regain connection to your soul, your passion and purpose in life.

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