7:30pm Tuesday, 23rd August, 2022
Online and Free!

Thank you for your interest on the Free Online Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Workshop.

Join us and ...

✔ Learn how to quickly and gently facilitate profound healing

✔ Clear a block that's been holding you back with a Core Clearing Breathwork session.

✔ Get Energized and Inspired about becoming a Transformational Leader

✔ Discover the 3 Pillars and 9 Keys to create a Thriving Breathwork Business.


As a Core Clearing Breathwork Coach you can...

       📌 Work more deeply and holistically with clients

       📌 Find meaning and fulfilment changing lives with Breathwork

       📌 Enjoy the freedom lifestyle - flexibility of working your own hours

       📌 Create a great income and a life doing what you love

       📌 Accelerate your personal and spiritual growth

      📌 Gain Breathwork Certification, IICT approval & Professional Insurance

      📌 Join our global heart centred breathwork community


I received some amazing feedback from the last Core Clearing Breathwork Workshop.

“Hi Nicholas...that was BRILLIANT! I had a very significant release around a major issue that has troubled me for decades...and was able to see it at a closer level than ever before.

After going through the process, and thinking, "this is where I am going to get stuck"...I had this huge inner expansion as it washed over me the feeling of self love that was "on the other side" of being able to move through what before had always been an utterly impenetrable wall, that I had never even been able to get close to...let alone through! That was amazing! Thank you so much, Brenten”


Do you feel a calling to help facilitate the awakening of a new Heart Centred Humanity?


I'm looking forward to sharing a great evening with you,

Nicholas de Castella
Director, Australian Breathwork College

Nicholas de Castella has been training Breathwork Coaches for 23 years, has generated over $1.5 Million dollars from Breathwork. He has helped 1000's of people open their hearts and come alive with Breathwork. Nicholas and his wife Susan, lead a global community of heart centred Breathwork coaches.

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